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As our community continues to grow, our team is working so hard to deliver the best head hugs to you every month! We know some prints sell out quick; so we are giving you a stress free chance to snag some fan favorites you may have missed! (these are based on demand and will vary month to month)

If you purchase a presale headhug you understand these may be delivered outside our normal turnaround times - we are still working on our scheduled drops as well as these! (Lacey does ALL her shipping updates via instagram stories and posts so please check there if you have a question!)

The presales will run 24hours and then be closed for purchase - the fabric is then ordered by Lacey to ensure we order the correct amount, shipped to the Wander and Arrow office where we will then make and process orders and get shipped to you (you can see why we have an extended turn around time)

If you purchase a headhug that is NOT a presale item - your ENTIRE order will ship WHEN your presale items are ready!

PRE SALE Headhugs

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