Collection: Hey Wanderer; lets chat!!

Hey there,

So happy to have you checking this out!

You either know who I am  or somehow stumbled across my page, and you're about to know me very well (Im an oversharer; so our introduction will be quick and we will be besties in no time!!)

I'm Lacey, I am a wife, momma and entrepreneur. I have built a 7 figure brand through social media over the last 3 years. And my heart is on fire to help other like minded ladies do the same.

I have 10+ years of social selling through network marketing and for the past 8 years I have built my brand Wander and Arrow; the journey has had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Its been one of the most rewarding and hardest things I have done, but I wouldn't change it for anything..

My goal is to help the mama who needs an outlet. The NWM who needs to find her voice in a social selling world, the small business owner looking to level up. Or maybe you're like me and needing a new sense of "self" in a space you have been in for many years.

Whatever it is. Im here to help. Let's grab a cup of coffee and just chat and see what the next steps look like for you!

So excited to get to know you!!

love you, mean it.



Hey Wanderer; lets chat!!